Carlo's Biography

Carl (Carlo) Driggs was a Cuban American singer entertainer and musician best known for his work as a rock and roll lead vocalist for many successful rock bands.

Driggs was born Carlos Manuel Driggs in Havana Cuba on June 18 1949. He was raised by his grandmother until the age of seven when his mother, Isabel, left Cuba to work as a nanny for an executive family at the Kraft Cheese Corporation in New York City. Isabel brought Carlo and his grandmother to the U.S. in November of 1956. 

Driggs began performing at the early age of five when a bartender at a corner bar in Regla, Cuba would call for him to sing and perform for American sailors on leave in Cuba. Not knowing the English language he would make vowel sounds to the song “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Hailey and the Comets. It was entertaining and the sailors would give him nickels and pennies.

Carlo began his career in music as a drummer at the age of fifteen after his parents moved down to Miami, Florida with a band named “Dave and The Wanderers” He began his singing career at the age of eighteen with a band named “The Year 2000” in 1968. He left school and went back to New York City with the band, and was signed to Rama, Rama Records. 

Carlo's career took off soon after, and he had a successful career in music. In the early 70’s Carl was the lead singer for the band Kracker, that had modest success, enough to get the attention of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and sign them as the first group to their Rolling Stones Record Label, and as their opening band on European Tours. After Kracker, came more success for Carl with the group Foxy, where they charted #9 on Billboard and #1 on Soul for the hit song “Get Off”, followed by other songs that charted in the Top 100. Then in 1983, Revere hired Carl to be the lead singer of his group until parting in 2004. Carl continued in music, 

Carlo passed away on May 31, 2017

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